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Last Updated: 03/29/16

Conflict of Interest

C.6.1. Investigator Financial COIs

The regulations governing extramural research contain examples of conditions or restrictions that might be imposed by an awardee institution to manage Investigator financial conflicts of interest, which includes public disclosure of a significant financial interest. The responsibility of COI management rests with the awardee institution as described in the regulations. Awardee institutions and Investigators should adhere to institutional and PHS regulations governing COIs.

C.6.2. Institutional Financial COIs

Institutional financial COIs should be considered and managed as appropriate. Any known or likely financial benefit to the institution or biospecimen resource should be disclosed accordingly, for example on the biospecimen resource Web site or in a clear and concise manner in a brochure that accompanies the informed consent document (Also see Section C.2.3, NCI Recommendations on Key Informed Consent Elements and Supplementary Materials).

C.6.3. Nonfinancial COIs

Nonfinancial COIs should be identified and managed to the extent practicable. An example of a nonfinancial COI includes situations in which the individual managing the biospecimen resource is also a researcher seeking access to biospecimens. In cases where nonfinancial COIs are unavoidable (e.g., small biospecimen collections), biospecimen resources should manage the COIs by adhering to NIH policies and, if deemed necessary, publicly disclosing the COIs; e.g., via the resource’s Web site or written materials.