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Last Updated: 07/25/14

About BBRB

Since its inception in 2005, BBRB has become a leader in the field of biobanking and the driving force behind the new field of biospecimen science. It has established a multifaceted system of resources addressing the most pressing problem facing 21st century molecular medical research: limited availability of carefully collected and controlled, high-quality human biospecimens.

BBRB’s efforts in the development and implementation of evidence-based, standardized procedures for biospecimen science and research, and for the harmonization of approaches to ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI), will not only improve the efficacy, quality, rigor and clinical translation of research, but also lay the foundation for molecular-based medicine. BBRB’s activities will facilitate regulatory approval of molecular therapeutics and companion molecular assays. They will also enable technology development through the availability of biospecimens and derivative analytes of verified quality to facilitate head-to-head comparisons of performance.

Biospecimens of known quality will enable researchers to take full advantage of the newest, most stringent molecular platforms, have greater confidence in the quality of the generated data based on greater confidence in the analyte quality, and move the findings more efficiently toward clinical application.