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Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) — Biorepositories & Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB) Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Biorepositories & Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB)
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Last Updated: 06/10/19

Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project

The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project was designed to help us better understand how the genes we were born with affect the development of disease. BBRB managed the collection of tissue and blood biospecimens for GTEx from over 900 deceased donors who were identified through organ and tissue transplant programs. Family decision makers were asked for consent prior to obtaining and using donor tissue for GTEx. Genetic analysis of the tissue was carried out and has generated an unprecedented amount of high-quality genomic data for use internationally by the medical research community. Every donor’s generous gift of biospecimens and medical information made the GTEx project possible. GTEx is contributing to help find better ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, and eventually cure common disease for future generations. Click here to read more about the science of GTEx.

A number of resources are already available from the GTEx project:

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)