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Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) — Biorepositories & Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB) Cancer Diagnosis Program (CDP) Biorepositories & Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB)
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Last Updated: 07/17/15

GTEx Standard Operating Procedures Library

The Entire SOP Library can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

A. Enrollment and Informed Consent

  1. BBRB-PM-0003-F1 GTEx Informed Consent Verification, Site 1
  2. BBRB-PM-0003-F2 GTEx Informed Consent Verification, Site 2
  3. BBRB-PM-0003-F4 GTEx Donor Eligibility Criteria Form
  4. BBRB-PM-0018 GTEx Live Donor Informed Consent Template
  5. BBRB-PM-0019 GTEx Next of Kin Informed Consent Template

B. Regulatory Procedures for GTEx

  1. BBRB-ER-0003 Development and Implementation of Material Transfer and Data Use Agreement for GTEx Partners
  2. BBRB-ER-0005 Biospecimen and Data Withdrawal and Recall Procedure
  3. BBRB-ER-0005-F1 Withdrawal or Recall Request Approval Form

C. Biospecimen Collection for GTEx

  1. BBRB-PR-0004 GTEx Tissue Processing Procedure
  2. BBRB-PR-0004-W1 GTEx Tissue Harvesting Work Instruction
  3. BBRB-PR-0004-W1-G3 GTEx Organ Retrieval, Dissection, and Preservation Details Table
  4. BBRB-PR-0004-W1-G4 Brain Autopsy Normal Tissue Collection
  5. BBRB-PR-0004-W4 GTEx W1 GTEx Work Instruction for Collection of Tissue and use of Dry Ice Prior to Storage
  6. BBRB-PM-0003-F5 GTEx Tissue Recovery Case Report Form (CRF)

D. Biospecimen Collection Supplies and
Shipping Procedures for GTEx

  1. BBRB-OP-0001 GTEx Kit Receipt, Supplies, and Shipping Procedure
  2. BBRB-OP-0001-W1 GTEx Work Instruction for Blood and Skin Biopsy Receipt and Shipping (Yellow Kit)
  3. BBRB-OP-0001-W2 GTEx Work Instruction for Whole Brain, Brain Stem, and Hair Collection Receipt and Shipping (Green Kit)
  4. BBRB-OP-0001-W3 GTEx Work Instruction for PAXgene Tissue Fixative/Stabilizer Collection Receipt and Shipping (Aqua Kit)
  5. BBRB-OP-0001-W6 GTEx Work Instruction for Dry Ice Preserved Tissue Collection Receipt and Shipping (Pink Kit)
  6. BBRB-OP-0011-F2 GTEx Shipping Manifest

E. Pathology Review Procedures for GTEx

  1. BBRB-PR-0002 Pathology Resource Center (PRC) GTEx Tissue Review
  2. BBRB-PR-0002-F1 Pathology Resource Center (PRC) GTEx Case Summary Report Form
  3. BBRB-PR-0002-F2 Pathology Resource Center (PRC) GTEx Request for Clarification
  4. BBRB-PR-0002-F4 Pathology Resource Center (PRC) GTEx Case Summary Report Form for Frozen Tissues
  5. BBRB-PR-0002-F5 GTEx Procurement Feedback Form

F. Data Collection for GTEx

  1. BBRB-OP-0008 GTEx Controlled Data Export Procedure for Recipients of De-identified Data
  2. BBRB-OP-0016 GTEx Erroneous Data Correction Procedure
  3. BBRB-OP-0016-F2 GTEx Data Correction Form (DCF)
  4. BBRB-PM-0003 GTEx Case Report Form Completion
  5. BBRB-PM-0003-F6 GTEx Clinical Collection Case Report Form (CRF)
  6. BBRB-ER-0001 Regulatory Compliance Policy Regarding Data Privacy Management
  7. BBRB-ER-0001-F1 List of HIPAA Identifiers

G. Chain of Custody

  1. BBRB-OP-0011 GTEx Chain of Custody Procedure
  2. BBRB-OP-0011-F1 GTEx Chain of Custody Form

Complete GTEx SOP Library

To download the complete GTEx SOP Library as a Zip Folder, please click here.

GTEx Pilot Phase SOP Library

To view the SOP Library from the GTEx Pilot Phase, please click here.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)