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Last Updated: 04/13/22

Maximizing the Research Use of Small Biopsy Tissue: Symposium Presented by NCI’s Cancer Moonshot Biobank

February 9, 2022

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Abstract: The Cancer Moonshot℠ Biobank is a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored study that aims to accelerate cancer research through the collection of longitudinal blood and tissue biospecimens from cancer patients receiving standard of care therapy. The biospecimens, generally small biopsies, and accompanying medical data will be made available for cancer research. Evidence-based, well-documented, and consistent procedures are used to collect specimens of known quality.

The ability to make the most research possible with small tissue biopsies is critical for molecular and other ancillary research studies focused on providing a better understanding of drug response and resistance. This represents a challenge for all cancer research and all analytical platforms whether for clinical assays or single-cell research investigations. Therefore, it is important to understand the most critical aspects of biopsy collection and analysis and continue to optimize SOPs to improve the quality and reproducibility of cancer research findings. The mini-symposium addressed challenges and discussed successful approaches for obtaining biopsies, appropriate tissue handling, and subsequent analysis that result in sufficient quality and quantity of analytes for molecular research and clinical testing.

More information is available here.