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Last Updated: 11/04/14

You & caHUB — Donor Information

Overview for Donors

What is a specimen or sample?

Specimens are small amounts or “samples” of tissue, blood, and other human material, that are collected and stored for medical research. If you choose to donate your specimens, your samples may help researchers find, prevent, and treat cancer and other diseases.

Why should I become a donor?

Specimens or samples contain information about human health and disease. Researchers use samples to identify how diseases develop in patients. In some cases, using human samples is the best way for scientists to answer questions about human health.

You will not personally benefit from donating samples and medical information to caHUB. However, donating samples and medical information might help future patients. For more information on donating your specimen or sample for research, please view this educational brochure.

Do I have to donate to caHUB?

Donating specimens is voluntary. The opportunity to donate may arise as a part of your medical care. Your decision whether to donate will not affect your medical treatment. If you need to have tissue removed for medical reasons, your doctor will examine the removed tissue samples and keep what is needed for your medical care. The tissue samples not needed by your doctor are the ones you can choose to donate.