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Last Updated: 11/04/14

How are my Specimens Being Used in Research?

When you consent to donate to caHUB, you will be supporting research that will benefit patients with cancer and other diseases. Donated samples will be used for science to improve biobanking and to help make new tests and treatments available.

  • Drug Discovery and Diagnostics: The goal of medical research is to provide new tests to detect diseases and guide patient care, and new drugs to treat patients. Specimens play a critical role in reaching this goal, as they are a necessary element in research. Unfortunately, researchers often have trouble obtaining specimens that meet their scientific needs. By donating to caHUB, you will help ensure that high quality specimens are available to allow researchers to continue to bring life-saving tests and drugs to patients.
  • Biospecimen Science and the Practice of Biobanking: A biobank is a place where human samples and related medical information are collected and stored for future use in medical research. Researchers rely on biobanks to provide the specimens needed for research. These biobanks need the most current scientific evidence to guide them in performing their functions. Similarly, doctors, nurses and technicians all must know the best way to collect and handle specimens to obtain the most accurate results from patient tests. caHUB will use donated samples to support projects in "biospecimen science", which is the science of how best to collect, store, and distribute biospecimens for patient care and cancer research. caHUB will share the knowledge obtained from these projects to help biobanks, researchers, and hospitals collect and store specimens in the most effective way to support research and clinical care.