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Last Updated: 04/01/16

2016 Revised NCI Best Practices

This revised 2016 version of the NCI Best Practices is intended to provide more current and detailed recommendations related to biospecimen and data quality. This version includes updates and revisions as follows:

  • Section B, Technical and Operational Best Practices, has updated internet references, updated recommendations based on more recent research, guidance and standards for collecting, processing and storing specimens; updated (Sections B.5, B.6) informatics practices in recognition of the phasing out of the caBIG and caGRID programs; and updated literature references.
  • Section C, Ethical, Legal and Policy Practices, has been updated based on more recent guidance concerning informed consent for genomics research; return of research results, and incidental findings; community engagement; and corrections and updates to internet references.

Download PDF: 2016 NCI Best Practices