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Last Updated: 07/25/14

2012 BRN Symposium Posters

Abstract No. Title Presenter
1 Quality Controls on Collecting Samples Ying Hu
2 Establishing a Quality Control Program to Reduce Tissue Biospecimen Preanalytic Variability for Biomedical Research Angen Liu
3 Vacuum Sealing and Cooling for a Safe Transfer of Tissues From Operating Theater to Laboratory Gianni Bussolati
4 Temperature-Controlled Biospecimen Shipment: Current and Future Technology Brian Hrudka
5 Quantitative Measurement of Expression of Common Breast Cancer Markers as a Function of Time Before Formalin Fixation V.M. Neumeister
6 Ischemia/Fixation Trial Tissue Microarray Ruth Pe Benito
7 The Effects on Immunorecognition of the Transfer of Cells From 10% Neutral Buffered Formalin to 70% Ethanol William E. Grizzle
8 The Development of a Protein Integrity Metric for Biorepository Specimens Timothy Geddes
9 High-Quality DNA Obtained With an Automated DNA Extraction Method With 70+ Year-Old Formalin-Fixed Celloidin-Embedded (FFCE) Blocks From the Indiana Medical History Museum A. McGuire
10 Paxgene vs. Formalin-Fixed Tissue: A Comparison of Tissue Morphology and RNA Quality Daniel Grölz
11 Online Biospecimen Histology Review for Facilitated Biorepository Quality Control of Research Tissue Quality Leona W. Ayers
12 The Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project Cathy Ng
13 The Impact of Tissue Preanalytics and a New Stabilization Technology on the Quality of Tissue-Based Molecular Studies C. Viertler
14 Delay to Preservation Does Not Induce a Systematic Phosphoprotein Response During Tissue Processing S. Gündisch
15 Improving Quality and Efficiency for Genomics and Proteomics: Advances for a Successful Biorepository J. Oliver
16 Obtaining Proteomic Data From Formalin-Fixed Samples: A FASP Protcol That Is Amenable to Label-Free Protein Quantification William Mathieson
17 Extracting DNA, RNA, and Protein From the Same Sample: A Critical Evaluation of GE Healthcare’s Tripleprep and QIAGEN’s Allprep Kits William Mathieson
18 Comparison of RNA Integrity From Morphologic Annotated Tissues by Varying Preservations Gallen Hostetter
19 Evidence-Based Biobanking; From Patient to Storage M. Kap
20 Method to Determine Adequacy of Frozen Brain Tumor Tissue Cynthia Cowdrey
21 Correlation Between Morphological Integrity of Brain Structures in and the Length of a Donor’s Terminal Period Alexander Lituev
22 Long-Term Stability of Total RNA in RNAstable® as Evaluated by Expression Microarray Daniel C. Edelman
23 Ambient Biostabilization in the Age of Personalized Medicine — A Paradigm Shift in Biospecimen Management Rolf Muller
24 Tissue Is Alive: Preserving Nucleic Acids, Phosphoproteins, and Tissue Morphology in One Step Claudius Mueller
25 Stability of Heat-Stabilized Human Tissue Lysates in Cryostorage Diane McGarvey
26 Temperature-Controlled Manipulation and Alcohol-Free Cryopreservation: A New Era in Sample Handling and Biobanking Rolf Ehrhardt
27 Impact of Tissue Heat Stabilization and Protein Extraction Method on Phosphoprotein Analysis Fay Betsou
28 ISBER Proficiency Testing Program for Biorepositories: Pilot Results for DNA and RNA Schemes Fay Betsou
29 Automatic Buffy Coat Extraction From Human Blood: Feasibility, Optimization, and Validation Fay Betsou
30 Biospecimen Science in the Janus Serum Bank Randi E. Gislefoss
31 Standard Operation Procedures for Biobank Science in the Janus Serum Bank of Norway — Experiences From a Prospective Cancer Biobank Hilde Langseth
32 Pilot Studies of Bead-Based Multiplex Assays of Immune Markers for Use in Epidemiologic Studies Shelley S. Tworoger
33 Room Temperature Storage of Sera Biospecimens Alptekin Aksan
34 Variation in Processing Techniques of Sickle Cell Blood Specimens Produces Marked Differences in Artifactual Hemolysis — A Pilot Study Susan Yuditskaya
35 Detailed Analysis of Effect of Processing Time and Anticoagulant Choice on Plasma Hemoglobin Values in Sickle Cell Anemia and Healthy Controls Laurel Mendelsohn
36 Robotic Frozen Sample Aliquotter Jorge de Dios
37 The NCI Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) Program: A Resource for Catalyzing New Directions in Biospecimen Science Research Tony Dickherber
38 The National Cancer Institute’s Enterprise Vocabulary Services: Facilitating Biomedical Research Through Terminology Development and Promotion of Semantic Interoperability Elizabeth Hahn-Dantona, Erin Muhlbradt
39 The Biospecimen Research Database: 1,100 Articles and Growing B. Paige Bass
40 NCI Funding of Biomarker, Imaging, Quality of Life, and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Studies Geoffrey D. Seidel
41 The Use of Biospecimens in Behavioral Research: A Portfolio Analysis of Research Supported by the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences at the National Cancer Institute Cheryse A. Furman
42 Sharing a Model Consent Form to Increase Enrollment of Ethnically Diverse Populations in Research and Biospecimen Repositories Luisel J. Ricks-Santi
43 Informed Consent in Biobank Research: Recruiting Patients With Health Disparities in Rural Maine Deborah G. Morrison
44 Participation in Biospecimen Research — Investigating the African American Male Perspective Bettina F. Drake
45 Sharing Results With Research Participants: Overcoming Obstacles Miriam F. Kelty
46 Standardization of Consent Practices at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Tumor Bank: Challenge in Biobanking Farah Sagin
47 Improving Biospecimen Collection Practices at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Tumor Bank Christina Ann Wicker
48 NCBI BioSample Database: Capture and Storage of Sample Metadata John Anderson
49 Labmatrix: A Collaborative Research Information Management System at the NCI John Otridge
50 BioBank Integration Management System: A Software Solution Integrating Disparate Components of a Healthcare System’s Biobank for Translational Research Kelly Rice
51 Establishing FDA-Compliant Electronic Biospecimen Management and Environmental Monitoring Systems to Support Biomedical Research in Uganda and Mali Brian K. Moyer
52 CaTissue Suite: An Open-Access, Feature-Rich Tool for Biospecimen Annotation and Data Sharing Amy Brink
53. Open-Source Software for Sample Inventory J. Ferland
54 Multidisciplinary Resource Informatics and Their Interactions Zhe Chang
55 National Mesothelioma Virtual Bank: A Standardized Data and Specimen Resource to Expedite Translational Research Michael J. Becich
56 Informatics Solutions for Management of Unique Specimen Collections at a Multisite Biobank: The AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource Experience M. Bracci
57 Toward a Virtual Tissue Bank Susan Clare
58 Accelerating Research for Rare Diseases: Rare Diseases Human Biospecimens RD-HUB Yaffa R. Rubinstein
59 A Biospecimen Repository Community of Best Practices Across Ethnically Diverse Institutions to Facilitate Informatics Solutions in Biospecimen Science Zoe Hammatt
60 Establishment of a Biorepository Network to Facilitate and Advance Translational Cancer Research Nicole Todaro
61 Biospecimen Data Management for Collaborative Research in Early Detection of Cancer Andrew Hart
62 The Development of Comprehensive Joint Tumor Tissue Bank Between TMUCIH and NFCR in China Michael Wang
63 Biobanks and Cancer Genome Projects in China Youyong Lu
64 Quality Requirements of Biospecimens in Genomics and Proteomics Research in Cancer Yong Zhang
65 10-Year Experience of Human Biobanking in Korea Lung Tissue Bank Han Kyeom Kim
66 Development of Biorepositories and Translational Science Facilities Under the Aegis of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Gundu H.R. Rao
67 The Next Chapter of Sharing Medical Translational Cancer Research Samples in Networks: The EurocanPlatform Biobanking Approach Peter Riegman
68 COH BrTM Registry: A Biospecimen Resource for Translational Research Michelle Banzet
69 Biobanking in a Culture of Excellence G. Gist
70 Parallel Tissue Collection and Processing for Clinical and Research Practice at Mayo Clinic: Utilizing the Frozen Section Laboratory Practice Susan R. Rogers
71 Radiobiological Tissue and Data Archive Tatjana Paunesku
72 The Development of the Pfizer-Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium Biospecimen Repository Christina Mazcko
73 Whole Mounted Prostate Specimen Bank Offers Unique Translational Research Opportunities in Prostate Cancer Gyorgy Petrovics
74 Biobanking as Part of the Prostate Cancer Biorepository Network: A Focus on DNA, RNA, and Protein Derivatives From Radical Prostatectomy Specimens Karen S. Sfanos
75 Development of a Next-Generation Lunch Tissue Biorepository to Study Health and Disease Demetri Spyropoulos
76 The Yale Lung Cancer Biorepository: Merging Best Practices in Biospecimen Science and Clinico-Epidemiologic Annotation Enables Analysis of Gene-Environment Interactions Affecting Lung Cancer Prognosis Bonnie E. Gould Rothberg
77 Stabilizing and Isolating Cellular Biomarkers in Lung Biospecimens A. Hubel
78 Experimental Ex Vivo Human Tumor Models Sarah Crawford
79 NMDP Research Sample Repository: 25 Years as a Worldwide HUB for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Research Leila Jones