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Last Updated: 07/25/14

2009 BRN Symposium Posters

Poster Number Presenter Abstract Title
1 Andrew Breychak The Biospecimen Research Database: A Collaboration To Produce Curated Searchable Protocols
PDF Document: 1.76 MB
2 Christopher Kinsinger Building a Robust and Reliable Proteomics Biomarker Pipeline: NCI's CPTAC Network
PDF Document: 166 KB
3 Krzysztof Ptak The Workings of the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer: An Opportunity for a New Class of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Solutions Based on Nanotechnology
4 Mark Watson caTissue Suite: An Open-Access, Feature-Rich Tool for Biospecimen Annotation and Data Sharing
PDF Document: 342 KB
5 Claire Zhu PLCO Biospecimens as an Unbiased Resource for Cancer Biomarker Research
PDF Document: 294 KB
6 Danielle Carrick PLCO Biospecimen Preanalytic Variables
7 Nicole Lockhart Expanding the Ethical, Legal, and Policy Recommendations in the National Cancer Institute Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources
PDF Document: 97 KB
8 Mark David Lim The NCI Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources and the Biospecimen Research Network
PDF Document: 120 KB
9 Ade Agbe Extra-Low Temperature and Bio-Preserved Breast Tissue
PDF Document: 79 KB
10 Sean Altekruse NCI Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Residual Tissue Repository
PDF Document: 242 KB
11 Charles Buck Partnering for Cancer Biomarker Research Biospecimens With the Hoosier Oncology Group
PDF Document: 242 KB
12 Karen Chadwick Development of a Site-Specific BioBank To Enhance Genitourinary Oncology Biomarker Research
PDF Document: 837 KB
13 Laurent Cohen Straw-Based Biorepositories for Cancer Epidemiology and Genomics
PDF Document: 3.48 MB
14 James Eliason Overview of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Tissue Repositories
15 Kathleen Groover Effect of Increasing Thermal Mass on Chamber Temperature Stability Within Ultra-Low Freezers in Biorepository Operations
PDF Document: 1.43 MB
16 Michael Hogan Design Principles for a National Network, To Store and Route DNA Specimens: “The DNA-net”
17 Theresa Mathieson Now Open for Business: Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Tissue Bank at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center
PDF Document: 145 KB
18 Christina Mazcko The Development of the Pfizer-Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium Biospecimen Repository
19 Margaret Morgan Development of the Molecular Specimen Pipeline at the Human Genome Sequencing Center
20 Martha Serrano Implementation of a National Cancer Bank at the National Cancer Institute of Bogotá, Colombia
PDF Document: 102 KB
21 Baljit Singh Success of One-Page Consent and Brochure for Biospecimen Banking
PDF Document: 465 KB
22 Matt Barnett Tracking, Annotating, and Advertising Biorepository Specimens: The Carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial as a Benchmark
23 Youfeng Yang Repository and Inventory of Human Renal Tumor Cell Lines and Establishment of Novel Hereditary Renal Tumor Cell Lines for Urologic Oncology Research
PDF Document: 1.77 MB
24 Shenil Gupta caBIG™ caTissue: Challenges of Adopting an Open-Source Biospecimen Banking Tool
25 Teresa Lehman Global Repository® Biospecimen Bank: Collection, Handling, Processing, Storage, and Quality Control Metrics
26 Arti Varanasi Supporting Specimen Annotation and Quality Assessments Through Information Technology Tools
PDF Document: 8.24 MB
27 Thomas Beach A National Rapid Autopsy Tissue Bank for Cancer Research
PDF Document: 361 KB
28 Fay Betsou Use of sCD40-Ligand and Protein S as Biomarkers for Preanalytical Variations of Biobanked Serum and Plasma Samples
PDF Document: 37 KB
29 Fay Betsou Recommendations for a Standard Biospecimen Research Experimental Protocol by the ISBER Working Group on Biospecimen Science
PDF Document: 34 KB
30 Christopher Moskaluk qRT-PCR as a Preanalytic Test for Transcript Microarray Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded Tissues
PDF Document: 76 KB
31 Michael Hogan A Numerical Scheme for DNA Quality Analysis
32 Lauren Stanoszek Establishment of RNA Quality Control Test
33 Lawrence True Current Metrics of the Quality of Human Prostate Tissue Are Inadequate To Predict Quality of RNA and Protein
PDF Document: 166 KB
34 Huizhi Zhou Efficacy of RNase Inhibitors To Preserve RNA in Colon Cancer Tissue Sections for Laser Capture Microdissection
PDF Document: 138 KB
35 Inci Koker Effects of Sample Handling and Storage Variables on the Measurement of Disease-Relevant Analytes in Plasma and Serum
PDF Document: 172 KB
36 Claudius Mueller Stabilization Chemistry for Universal Application to Protein, RNA, DNA, and Morphology Preservation
37 Thomas Sanford Impact of Ischemia and Tissue Procurement Conditions on Gene Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma
PDF Document: 97 KB
38 David Solomon Sample Type Bias in the Analysis of Cancer Genomes
39 Bora Gurel Fixation Delay Adversely Impacts Androgen Receptor Staining
PDF Document: 424 KB
40 Curtis Meuse Quantitative Infrared Spectroscopy of FFPEs: Paraffin Wax Removal with p-Xylene, Hexane, and d-Limonene for SRM2373 Paraffin Blocks
41 Hirendra Banerjee Application of Biospecimens for Search of a Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumor Biomarker
PDF Document: 124 KB
42 Sandra Gaston Molecular Biomarker Analysis of Diagnostic Prostate Biopsies Using Tissue Print Micropeel Samples
43 Alessandra Luchini Bait-Loaded Hydrogel Particles Perform One-Step, In-Solution Sequestration, Concentration, and Protection From Degradation of Low Molecular Weight, Low Abundance Disease Biomarkers in Blood and Urine
PDF Document: 1.79 MB
44 Heinz-Ulli Weier Single Cell Arrays for Sensitive Karyotype Analysis of Small Cell and Tissue Samples
PDF Document: 185 KB
45 Lynne Rainen New Fixation Technology for Simultaneous Preservation of Morphology and Nucleic Acids in Tissue
PDF Document: 136 KB