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Last Updated: 07/25/14

2009 BRN Symposium Workshop Descriptions

* Please note: participants who are interested in participating in the workshops will be asked to sign-up in order of preference when registering for this meeting.

The BRN symposium workshops are focused on identifying roadblocks that prevent the advancement of the biospecimen sciences, with the goal of producing community-based strategies for removing these barriers. These workshops are the outcome of the hard work of chairpersons who represent interests in basic science, translational medicine and clinical medicine from a background of academia, industry and government. The workshops are designed to make the most of the diverse expertise of the BRN symposium participants. We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the direction of the biospecimen sciences by actively participating in its discussions and exercises. It is hoped that the information you share will be a starting point for publications reporting the consensus of the biospecimen sciences community, in terms of describing the current state-of-the-science and identifying opportunities for research.

There are three workshops described in more detail by following the links below. These are a work-in-progress and the chairs have developed a series of questions for the BRN symposium participants in an effort to focus and ensure the productivity of the workshops. We hope that you will participate in these workshops. But if you do not plan on attending, the chairs ask that you still take the time to answer their questions in all of the different themes, as the answers that you provide would guide its direction and the topics for discussion. A workshop report and summary will be posted on the BRN website.

The workshop descriptions and the chair-produced questions can be found at the following links. We ask that you complete these questions by Thursday February 26th to allow time for the chairs to use the information that you share to better develop their workshops.

Workshop 1: Markers of Biospecimen Quality
Workshop Description

Workshop 2A: Evidence-based Protocols
Workshop Description

Workshop 2B: Developing an Evidence-based Protocol for Plasma Biospecimens
Workshop Description

Workshop 3A: Publishing in Biospecimen Science
Workshop Description

Workshop 3B: Publishing in Biospecimen Science
Workshop Description

On behalf of the BRN Symposium Workshop chairs, we thank you for your time and willingness to contribute towards advancing the biospecimen sciences community!

Stephen Hewitt MD PhD (NCI)
Mark David Lim PhD (AAAS Science and Technology Fellow, NCI)