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Last Updated: 07/25/14

2008 BRN Symposium Posters

Poster Number Abstract Title Authors & Affiliation
1 Génome Québec: Centre Hospitalier Affilié Universitaire Régional de Chicoutimi Biobank

S. Arsenault1,2, K. McWeeny3, M.E. Hogan3,D. Bilodeau1, D. Gaudet1,2,4,5

1Genome Quebec, 2Chicoutime Hospital, 3GenVault, 4Cartagene, 5Universite de Montreal

2 Assessing and Qualifying Biospecimen Quality: Global Collaboration on Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Samples for the HIV/AIDS Cancer-Related Research Biorepository Leona W. Ayers, The Ohio State University
3 The Search for Cancer Biomarkers Using Biospecimens

Hirendra N. Banerjee, Tiffany Smith, July Mulhern, Jennae Pettis, Eleina Riddick

Elizabeth City State University/University of North Carolina

4 Analysis of Fundamental RNA Quality Factors in Archival Formalin-Fixed and Paraffin-Embedded Tissue

Joon-Yong Chung, Kris Ylaya, Reginald Williams, Mikiko Takikita, Stephen M. Hewitt

National Cancer Institute

5 The Komen Tissue Bank: A Prelude to Understanding the Biology and Developmental Genetics of the Normal Mammary Gland

Susan Elizabeth Clare1, Anna Maria Storniolo2, Connie Rufenbarger3, Jill Henry4, Jin Sun, Sunil Badve5, Bryan Schneider2, Suzanne Lemler6, Casey Allen4, Debra Putt4

1 Indiana University School of Medicine, 2Indiana University School of Medicine, 3Catherine Peachey Fund, Inc., 4Susan G. Komen for the Cure Tissue Bank at the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center, 5Indiana University School of Medicine, 6Indiana University School of Medicine

6 Cryo Bio System: Straw-Based Biospecimen Banking Laurent Cohen, Cryo Bio System

7 The NCI Biospecimen Research Network (BRN): The Influence of Warm Ischemic Time on Gene Expression Profiles for Colon Cancer

Hien T. Dang1, Helen Moore1, Audrey Player1, Yonghong Wang1, Ernie Kawasaki1, Kerstin David2, Joerg Spangenberg2, Hartmut Juhl2, Jim Vaught1, Anna Barker1, John Gillespie3, Carolyn Compton1

1National Cancer Institute, 2INDIVUMED GmbH, 3SAIC-Frederick, Inc.

8 High-Quality Tissue Biobanking: A Major Challenge for Improving Target Discovery and Drug Development Kerstin A. David1, Jörg Spangenberg1, Annika Sprüssel1, Kevin Sullivan1, Heinz Joachim List1, Carsten Zornig2, Hartmut Juhl1

1Indivumed GmbH, 2Israelitisches Krankenhaus

9 Clinical Pathology Prostate Tissue Relational Database

Heidi S. Erickson1, John W. Gillespie 2, Jeremiah Asante1, Jaime Rodriguez-Canales1, John W. Josephson1, Gallya Gannot1, Peter A. Pinto1, W. Marston Linehan3, Peter L. Choyke1, Rodrigo F. Chuaqui1, Stephen M. Hewitt1, Michael R. Emmert-Buck1

1National Cancer Institute, 2SAIC-Frederick, Inc.

10 The Clinical Breast Care Project Biospecimen Repository: A Unique Resource for Breast Cancer Research

Jeffrey A. Hooke, Leigh Campbell, Craig D. Shriver

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

11 Five-Year, Multi-Institution Validation Studies of Archived Amplified Genomic DNA, Methylated DNA, and RNA: Which Research Applications Are Better Served by Archived Nucleic Acids Than by Archived Tissues? John P. Langmore, Vladimir Makarov, Takao Kurihara, Emmanuel Kamberov, Eric Bruening, Tim Tesmer, Joseph M’Mwirichia

Rubicon Genomics

12 Impact of Ischemia and Tissue Procurement Conditions on Gene and Protein Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Nick W. Liu, Kiranpreet Khurana, Robert Worrell, Jack L. Liu, John Gillespie, Youfeng Yang, Ramaprasad Srinivasan, Maria Merino, Peter A. Pinto, W. Marston Linehan, Gennady Bratslavsky

National Cancer Institute

13 Hydrogel Particles Perform One-Step, In-Solution Sequestration and Protection From Degradation of Low-Molecular-Weight, Low-Abundance Cancer Biomarkers in Blood

Alessandra Luchini, David H. Geho, Barney Bishop, Caterina Long, Virginia Espina, Alexi Patanarut, Weidong Zhou, Mark Ross, Emanuel F. Petricoin III, Lance A. Liotta

George Mason University

14 Development of the Pfizer-Canine Comparative Oncology and Genomics Consortium Biospecimen Repository

Christina Noel Mazcko, Chand Khanna

National Cancer Institute

15 Reduction and Assessment of Preanalytical Variables for Biological Specimens in a Large Prospective Cohort

Leah E. Mechanic, Lori Merrill, Arti Varanasi, Carrie Boyce, Danielle Carrick, Barbara O’Brien


16 Exploring the Effects of Different Blood Collection and Processing Protocols on Molecular Profiles

Helen M. Moore1, Mark D. Lim2, Mark Cosentino3, Jim Vaught1, John Gillespie3, Carolyn C. Compton1, Steve Skates4, and the CPTAC Biospecimen Collection Working Group

1National Cancer Institute, 2American Association for the Advancement of Science, 3SAIC-Frederick, Inc., 4Massachusetts General Hospital

17 Molecular-Friendly Paraffin-Embedded Tissue: University of Miami Experience

Mehdi Nassiri, Mehrdad Nadji, Valdimir Vincek, Azorides R. Morales

University of Miami

18 Effects of Formalin Fixation and Individual Steps in Tissue Processing on Immuno-Recognition

Dennis Otali1, Cecil R. Stockard1, Denise K. Oelschlager1, Wen Wan1, Upender Manne1, Stephen A. Watts2, William E. Grizzle1

1Makerere University, 2University of Alabama at Birmingham

19 Heteerogeneity and Power in Clinical Biomarker Studies

Melania Pintilie, Vladimir Iakovlev, Michael Milosevic, David Hedley, Anthony Fyles, Richard P. Hill

University of Toronto

20 Microaliquoting for Quality Control and Cell Content Optimization in Frozen Specimens of Heterogeneous Solid Tumors

William G. Richards1, Jonathan N. Glickman1, Lucian R. Chirieac1, Beow Yeap2, Gavin J. Gordon1, Raphael Bueno1, David Sugarbaker1

1Brigham and Women’s Hospital,23Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital

21 Analysis of RNA Quality From Human Breast Tissue After Surgical Removal

A. Shoemaker1, C. Heckman1, Y. Zhang1, A. Colledge1, B. DeyarminB1, J. Kane1, J. Hooke2, C. Shriver2, R. Mural1, S. Somiari1

1Windber Research Institute, 2Walter Reed Army Medical Center

22 Paraffin Blocks Can Substitute for Frozen Tissue in Analysis of Gene Expression by Matrix-Assisted, Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (MA-RT-Q-PCR)

Adam Steg1, Selwyn M. Vickers2, Mohamad Eloubeidi3, John D. Christei1, Juan P. Arnoletti1, Wenquan Wang1, Isam-Eldin Eltoum1, William E. Grizzle1, M. Wasif Saif3, Al F. Lobugli1, Andra R. Frost1, Martin R. Johnson1

1University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2University of Minnesota, 3Yale University School of Medicine

23 Peptidomics Analysis of Biological Specimens To Elucidate Preanalytical Biases

Harald Tammen

Digilab Peptidomics

24 Victorian Cancer Biobank: Providing Cancer Biospecimens to Researchers in Industry and Academia

A. Thompson1, L. Devereux2, P. Mamers3, C. Murone4, A. Partanen5, G. Lindeman5

1Victorian Cancer Biobank, The Cancer Council, 2Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, 3Monash Medical Centre, 4Austin Hospital, 5Royal Melbourne Hospital

25 Predicting Breast Carcinoma Behavior Using Gene Expression Profiles From Tissue Biopsies

James L. Wittliff, D. Alan Kerr II, Sarah A. Andres

University of Louisville

26 Human Tumor Cell Lines Repository With Clinical and Molecular Characterization for Urologic Oncology Research

Y. Yang1, C.D. Vocke1, J. Peterson1, L. Middelton1, K. Khurana1, G. Bratslavsky1, M.J. Merino2, P. Pinto1,
R. Worrell1, W.M. Linehan1

1Urology Oncology Branch, 2National Cancer Institute

27 Ultrasound-Facilitated, Formalin-Fixed, and Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Specimen Preparation Technology

Zengfeng Wang, Nianxiang Zou, Wei-Sing Chu, Jilan Liu

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

28 On-Slide Extraction of Biomolecules From Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Specimens

Nianxiang Zou

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

29 The Biospecimen Research Database: An Online Resource for Biospecimen Science

Asha S. Collins1,2, Ian Fore2, Elisa Eiseman3, Jim B. Vaught2, Helen Moore2

1American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2National Cancer Institute 3RAND Corporation